Let’s face it, the 1980's were responsible for some truly horrific crimes against fashion: shoulder-pads, leg-warmers, the unforgivable mullet!

What's evident though, now more than ever, is that the 80's provided us with some of the best music ever made. It doesn't seem to matter if you were alive in the 80's or not, those songs still resonate with people and trigger a joyous reaction for anyone that hears them.

Auckland band 80sX take the greatest new wave, new romantic and synth pop hits and recreate the magic and sounds of the 80's with brilliant musicianship and high energy vocals.

This is not a covers band of journey-men doing their version of well known songs. 80sX recreates the music and sounds of the decade with staggering accuracy and a genuine passion for the music.

It's also a really fun night out and the best soundtrack to a party or event you can imagine...